Sasha – Outgrown

Screen shot 2015-06-11 at 10.35.06In a calming, settling mood that’ll clear your mind better than even the strongest of mint-flavoured chewing gum, this latest track from London-based Sasha will have emotions running through you as though you’d just reached the end of a particularly teary film. Not that I’ve ever cried at a film of course.

Curse you Toy Story 3…

The beauty is laced within every single note as Sasha’s stunning voice stars above a bed of gloriously put together aural treats that’ll make you feel just as happy as you would if someone had just come into your office and presented you with a 12-pack of doughnuts. No, that definitely didn’t just happen while I was writing this – why do you ask? There’s not the slightest hint of anything that’s shy of being utterly overwhelming within this piece, everything works hard to deserve its place alongside such an undeniably brilliant voice that shines through as if it were that of an angel.

This is absolutely wonderful, you just have to dive in.

Ciaran Steward


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