Infinity Girl – Firehead

Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 19.44.48For anyone that has so much as feigned a passing interest in shoegaze as a genre, you best get your ears on this latest belter from Infinity Girl sharpish as it’s full of all that guitar goodness that makes so many of us fall in love with the wonders of music.

Though you may be captivated by the Brooklyn-based band’s charming lead vocals, enticing synths or rampaging rhythm section, the true addicts out there will surely be as enamoured by the wonderful guitar interplay that features throughout the track as I have been every single time I’ve sunk my teeth into this little ripper. Whether it’s the effects, the drive or simply the sheer overwhelming sensation that fills my bones each time these sounds not-so-delicately grace my eardrums that gets me the most excited is unclear – all I know is that this band have made me rediscover a love for powerful guitars that had been left bubbling under the surface for a little too long.

This is sure to keep your head spinning.

Ciaran Steward 

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