Flyte – Closer Together

Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 19.38.43There are few people able to make music that’s so irresistibly addictive as the effortlessly brilliant Flyte, their latest aural treat sees them continue in their vein of fine form which had me fawning over them at the tail-end of last year.

So what is it that makes them so special? Well, for one thing, their sound is so inoffensive to anyone that it manages to draw in plaudits from all realms of the sonic sphere – though it may be highly tinged with pop, there’s also plenty of indie gold to be mined in these here audio hills. Probably the most important thing about their appeal is that every last sound feels like it has had to fight hard for a place in the final mix and there’s not a single moment in this tune that isn’t to be cherished – every instrument feels like it is being played by someone with as much of an emotional attachment to the sound as Norman Bates does to his mother. And those vocals? Ruddy marvellous from start to finish.

You simply can’t afford not to listen to this.

Ciaran Steward

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