Fassine – Sunshine

Screen shot 2015-06-19 at 09.46.58Each of us has a certain darkness in our minds, for most it’s a little corner filled with dark jokes that we’d love to have the courage to say out loud yet we don’t want to face the risk of alienating ourselves from society all for the sake of something that’s surely not as hilarious once it spews from our instantly tainted mouths. Hovering around within this darkness, you’re likely to come across the sounds of Fassine as they fill their music to the top of the glass with an aural offering that makes Guinness look like it’s pure daylight.

As chaos reigns supreme over your ears it feels like the right time to let the London-based indie-industrialists soundtrack a revolution that’ll see streets set ablaze and the previously powerful running for the hills, the new generation taking over are eager to make amends for years of being overlooked. If you’re looking for something to wake you up in the morning this probably isn’t for you yet if you’re really looking to open your eyes, and your ears of course, then this makes for the ideal aural accompaniment.

Embrace the darkness, it’s what you’ve always wanted.

Ciaran Steward

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