Escapists – Eat You Alive

Screen shot 2015-06-19 at 15.07.42Here comes the sun (if you didn’t at least go ‘na na na na’ in your head then go away, please) as all the tasty, uplifting guitar riffs come out and even the darkest song seems to have a lighter energy to it. This slice of indie sees Londoners Escapists put together a whole heap of enticing sounds to welcome in the summer the only way any guitar band should – by just keeping on going exactly as they have the rest of the year.

This ain’t no Calvin Harris tune, it’s ruddy top notch so it is m’lad.

With more guns ablazing than  Western with one of the most tenuous plots you’ve ever seen, the band come together nicely to provide a pulsating beat the sits behind intricate guitar interplay and anthemic vocals – the sort of sounds that people will damn sure like whether or not you tell them to. Though you’re never entirely sure where the journey of this song is headed, take comfort in the fact that your time on board Escapists Airlines will be a first class trip and they’re giving you that tiny bottle of gin just for free.

Aren’t you a lucky duck? Oh right, yeah this is a bloomin’ brilliant song – get it down you ASAP.

Ciaran Steward

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