Alphas – Waves

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 19.56.08There’s something so wonderful about listening to a new song for the first time. If, like me, you like to go in blind with as little information as possible (what do you mean my writing shows that? Cheeky…) then it’s always a great surprise when something picks you up as swiftly as the latest sounds from Aberdeen-based trio Alphas.

Though I may have jumped a little when the track kicked in, from that point onwards I was indeed riding on their musical wave across the horizon in search of the glory these sounds so rightfully deserve. You’re not likely to come across anything here that you haven’t heard hundreds of times before but there’s a reason why sounds like this are so often found all over the place – because we ruddy well love them to bits! If you ever felt drawn to anything by The Futureheads, you’ll love this. Rampaging guitars, pulsating bass and the ever-pounding snare drum see you through this old school styled belter as you find yourself drawn to the edge of your seat (hell, I’ll admit I’m even standing up and swaying my hips as I write this! No, seriously) as the energy fills you as if you’ve just eaten a whole box of Celebrations to yourself.

Celebrate these good times, come on…

Ciaran Steward

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