Maybe The Moon – Big Night/Small Town

Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 16.30.09Why would you want to understand what’s going on between your ears when you can simply succumb to sounds so enticing that they’d surely be illegal if they came in physical form? The latest sounds from Californian outfit Maybe The Moon once again capture my mind as if it were as easy to control as a plastic bag caught in the breeze.

The ever-delightful lead vocals blend with a selection of synth sounds to calm your body down to the point that you wonder if some of your bones have in fact turned to jelly. They probably haven’t, though you should check anyway. Just to be safe. The pair are able to draw in listeners from across the board as they’re producing irresistible riffs as well as compiling aural soundscapes that’ll surely pique the interest of anyone who has spent at least a few hours messing around with a keyboard. The cheesy chord change may be a little too twee but you get the gist, this is a pop song at heart – though will all the wonderful sounds reverberating around in the background it feels like so much more.

Let these spectacular sounds seduce you, they’ve clearly made the effort.

Ciaran Steward

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