This Is… Sheepy


I’ll start with a brief apology to Sheepy for taking so long to get this together. Sorry lads, you’re ruddy ace and maybe I was just holding onto this too much because I wanted to hog it. The Liverpool trio are making some very exciting music indeed and remain one of the many beacons that prove the rock and roll is worlds away from being dead. Their powerful sounds are exactly the sort of thing that got me into music in the first place so it was my pleasure to ask them a few questions;

For those who haven’t had time to check you out for themselves, who are you and what do you do?

We’re a 3 piece band from Liverpool, Luke – guitar, Villy -Bass and Ollie – Drums. We play 2-3 minute rock songs with a pop punk sound.

Why the name Sheepy? Doesn’t it sound more like the name of a cuddly toy?

L: Funnily enough, you’re not far out there. I got the nickname in primary school for bringing in a toy sheep and it stuck with me all through school. I used it after for my stage name. and after Villy and Ollie joined we decided to just leave the band with the name. I’m known more as Luke again now because it can get a bit confusing. “Sheepy from Sheepy”

When did you first take an interest in music? Who was your first great inspiration?

L: I used to be kept up by the loud music my parents played, like The Beatles and The Kinks. I started listening to mid ’90s indie bands and then got into happy hardcore and jungle! My favourite band is The Prodigy from 1993 but I don’t think you could draw a similarity in sound!

How would you describe your sound? Who would you liken yourself too? (Go on, you don’t have to be modest!)

We get likened to a lot of pop punk and brit pop. If you think of bands like Green Day, The Buzzcocks, Supergrass, you might not be a million miles away.

How has being from Liverpool shaped your approach to music? Who is worth keeping an eye on over on Merseyside?

I don’t know what it is, but I feel Liverpool bands have a bit of an attitude and there is a good music scene. A lot of bands we know are already doing well (Stealing Sheep, All We Are). Clean Cut Kid are one to look out for.

What’s the most important element of your music?

Lyrical content, melody and energy are all equally important. People say we have catchy hooks.

Where should we be looking to find new artists?

Firstly I’d say support the live music scene. We try and get to as many local gigs as we can afford to, there’s so much good stuff under the radar and for musicians and bands you can learn so much from other bands. Or just search online and ask around. We Close Tonight is a good shout for a good shout.

What are you hoping to achieve with your music?

We’d like to be playing the bigger festivals and touring regularly. We do have songs which could break into the pop market but we aren’t aiming for that.

Why do you think we care so much about music?

I think sometimes in music you can feel how much someone has put into a song and you can feel it. It can make you feel better, help you forget about your problems. Maybe in our case music can put a smile on your face and sing along.

What can we expect to hear from you in the rest of 2015? Where can we see you live?

We’re playing Wonk Fest on July 25th in London (The Dome, Tuffnell Park), Wigan Live Festival on Aug 29th and we’ll be working on a new album this year which will be out on Blang Records. Keep checking because we have some good things in the pipeline.

Find out more about Sheepy here.

Ciaran Steward

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