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PREMIERE: Grasscut – Red Kite (Video)

There’s no better smell to wake up to in the morning than the smell of freshly cut grass. Or freshly cooked bread. Or fresh bacon. What am I writing again? Oh right…

Continuing in the vein of fresh new things, there’s a brand new video from the ace duo Grasscut that I’m fortunate enough to be sharing with you today. You can simply sit back and indulge in six and a half minutes of aural glory from the pair while your eyes are treated to a brief holiday into another world. These sounds are as beautiful as they come and if you don’t find your heart being touched in at least the slightest of ways then there’s something desperately wrong with the part of your brain which connects music to emotions. That’s the best bit you know.

But I’ve rambled on far too long already, go fill your eyes and ears with this glorious slice of aural delight.

Ciaran Steward

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