Victory Kicks – High Wires

vkhwYou can’t be a good ol’ LP for a lovely session of music listening. Whether you’re lucky enough to pop your headphones in at work and get lost in something other than the mindless stream of emails or if you have to wait for evenings and weekends to fill your ears with sounds that actually please your mind, it’s well worth you scheduling a gap in your calendar to listen to the new Victory Kicks LP in full as it deserves your undivided attention.


Well, because it’s ruddy ace. Obviously. It’s not a taxing listen by any means, all the sounds are familiar and welcoming and so you’ll find yourself being drawn in by aural hallmarks that have guided you throughout your life. Maybe it isn’t the most original batch of sounds but then again what is? At times it dead feel as though ‘Concept Cars‘ had nabbed the vocal melody for the verses from Bruce Springsteen but perhaps I’m reading far too much into it. That sounds incredibly plausible. Sometimes you just need to listen to sounds like these as they’ll clear your head and make you realise what exactly it is that’s important in life, even if your head was heading down a troublesome path.

This is where your head should be, think of it as a palette cleanser that actually has about as much taste to it as any meal you’ve ever had. There’s quite simply no way that you’re not going to find something you like about this LP.

Ciaran Steward

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