The Jacques – Painkiller

jqsAs the sounds of The Jacques rest between my ears once more there’s a certain level of calmness and serenity that washes over me. This latest offering is plenty more patient than their previous aural delights and yet there’s not an inch of desire lost from the band as they keep up the enthusiasm even as the tempo drops.

Your muscles will feel soothed by this aural pill, which I believe you’re meant to take twice a day with water although how you get water into your ears is a little bit beyond my medical knowledge, as the debonair attitude with which the vocals guide you gives you the feeling that you’re a trusted advisor to the band. By the time they get to rock out a bit more it’ll feel as though you’ve been through an awful lot with the band and this partying spirit is anything but premature.

If you haven’t heard The Jacques before, this is a ruddy good place to start. Low tempo, easy to get on side with and perfect for listening to when your energy supplies run low.

Ciaran Steward

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