Caspian – Darkfield

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 08.45.35One of the questions that has plagued me constantly over the years is ‘If I was on Dragon’s Den, what would my business be?’ There’s not a doubt in my mind that Peter Jones is the dragon I want to go into business with, primarily due to the foot or so height difference between that would be HILARIOUS in photos as I’m sure no-one has ever pointed that out to him before.

I’m getting to the review…

The dormant feeling that lies within the opening of these sounds from Caspian is exactly the sort of tense situation that I imagine it would feel like to be stood anticipating the critiquing of your business plan by five investors in their lavish chairs. However, while there’s an almost definite chance of rejection from Mr Jones and co these sounds are much more accepting and, after one of the most wonderfully drawn out intros I’ve heard in years, you’re welcomed into the fold amongst a haze of industrial sounding instruments by a helping hand which guides you deep into the core of the music. Once you’re there you’ll never want to leave and as the heat intensifies you’ll find yourself watching the destruction from within.

Oh what I would give to be in Caspian‘s inner circle – I’d probably even offer up 35% of the business.

Ciaran Steward

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