WOMPS – Live A Little Less

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 08.19.45What exactly a womp is will forever remain a mystery, my gut instinct was that it was a kind of wombat that is surprisingly dextrous – so much so that it can play a guitar to a rather high standard. Whatever a womp is, WOMPS are a band. I know this much. They’re a ruddy good one at that – the Glaswegian duo provide harsh enough sounds to let you know that the spirit of rock and roll is alive and kicking.

In fact, the raw desire that the pair show throughout with the crashing cymbals, devilish guitar and longing vocals make for a very pleasant listening indeed if you love something with a bit of welly. There’s nothing flash or fancy about the record and sometimes that’s exactly the way I like it – no pretentiousness, just 100% pure music. Why would you ever need anything else? If this is where music is heading once more then there’s plenty to get excited about.

You just can’t beat something as pure as this.

Ciaran Steward

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