Daisy Victoria – Pain Of Dancers

daisyEvery time I hear the first few seconds of a Daisy Victoria track my heart quite simply jumps out of my chest as I know I’m in for a few minutes of the most wonderful sounds imaginable. Her brand new track ‘Pain Of Dancers‘ undoubtedly follows in this vein – perhaps with even a twinge more mainstream pop woven into her beautifully unique sounds.

With a voice that’ll have you hooked from the very first word, Miss Victoria along with writing partner Sam Lawrence have managed to create a batch of new sounds that should appeal more to the masses without losing any of the enthralling charm that made both of last year’s EPs utterly irresistible. As the guitars maraud around behind Daisy’s voice, occasionally coming to the foreground to show there’s much more to this sound than just a magnificent voice, the sound feels fuller than ever and your mind will conjure all sorts of kaleidoscopic images as you’re gently wooed into submission.

Without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, Daisy Victoria is one of the finest up-and-coming young musicians and this song might just be her very best yet.

Ciaran Steward

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