Kitty Finer – No-One Needs To Know

Screen shot 2015-08-18 at 08.20.28With guitars and a swagger taken straight out of ’80s musical history, these new sounds from Kitty Finer will find their way under your skin quicker than the bugs at a particularly seedy motel. The debonair vocal delivery suggests a level of confidence in Ms Finer that lets you know just how in control of the music surrounding her is and there’s no doubting she knows how to piece together a ruddy ace song.

Though there isn’t anything overly complicated involved, the beauty of this track is in its simplicity and the laid back way with which the whole band seem to be approaching the task. That being said, it’s not like they’ve already clocked off and are sunning themselves on the beach reading whatever books the trendy people are reading nowadays. They’re simply the epitome of cool and we should all be very jealous of that. There’s no need to try and do anything too clever when you’ve got the basics down to as fine a point as this.

It’s hardly a big club anthem yet these sounds are incredibly intoxicating and it won’t take too long for you to fall under Kitty Finer‘s spell.

Ciaran Steward

1 comment

  1. Hey Ciaran. Its Kitty here. just found this review from a few years a go. its great, i like your writing. Ive got a new EP on way and would love too send you the songs and hear if you have any interesting words about them??

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