Johan Heartbeat – Back On The Road

Screen shot 2015-08-28 at 14.36.05It does indeed feel good to get back on the road again. Metaphorically that is, if you ever see me actually behind the wheel of a car then something has gone horribly wrong. These new sounds from Johan Heartbeat are a sure-fire hit for ad campaign soundtracks, on their own they aren’t half bad either.

The rise into the chorus, the way that the bass leads the way throughout, the way in which the guitar enters each time seamlessly without any grand introduction – these are just some of my fav-our-ite things. It feels very comfortable with Johan behind the wheel, the fact that he’s clearly splashed out on a fancy new motor with leather seats just adds to the beauty of this tune. Everything comes together so smoothly as if it were an episode of Scrapheap Challenge (anyone?) in which records are broken and people are left feeling jubilant.

That jubilation is well deserved in this instance and we could go out on the roads for hours with Johan in charge and still the time would feel like it has flown by too quickly. We’ll just have to keep going forever.

Ciaran Steward

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