White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again

PRC299-hiresBefore you start listening to this cracking album from White Reaper, I’d recommend turning the speakers down pretty low. Of course, you can always adjust it to your own tastes later but if, like me, you’re a bit of a sucker for cranking up the volume then by clicking the play button you could inadvertently wake up a whole block of flats with the opening few seconds.

Still, I reckon it’s worth it if you like your sounds hard and fast. In fact, the closing track ‘B.T.K.‘ is the perfect way to blow away any cobwebs in an instant as everything flies past your head as though it were being dragger along by a particularly hungry dog who had just got his eye on a mountain of kibble. If the white reaper did somehow manage to get me in his sights I reckon it wouldn’t be too long before I simply gave in and let him do whatever he wanted with me. To be clear, this is a weird death situation as opposed to some hidden sexual fantasy that I’ve been harbouring for years.

Moving swiftly on.

You can’t fault the band when it comes to having a high energy towards their approach as they go in with more guns blazing than an entire army (way bigger than Monaco’s tiny army, check it out – their orchestra is bigger, I think). They manage to blend some quintessentially British guitar band sounds with all sorts of US infusions, ranging from hints of pop punk sentiments to some of the finer old school punk anthems. With tunes as big and boisterous as ‘Last 4th of July‘ and ‘Pills‘ all set to turn your ears to dust, surely you won’t be able to resist getting this down you and getting your head turned inside out.

Ciaran Steward

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