Tuff Sunshine – Dreamin’

Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 08.34.46Set the wheels of your mind back in motion to a time where everything seemed a little bit simpler and you’ll be in the right place to enjoy this lovely track from Tuff Sunshine. There’s no need for them to try and be flashy, trendy or over the top with all sorts of gimmicks as they’ve got a core sounds which is as enjoyable to listen to as a good tiramisu is to eat.

And lord knows I love a good tiramisu.

With a fairly lo-fi approach to the general sound you can hear each of the minor diversions little more clearly – whether it be the bass going for a brief jog, the guitar twiddling around as though it held a pair of bored thumbs or the drums putting in another fill to make sure the beat goes on. The sentiment of the lyrics may be a tad too familiar in places but there’s a reason we keep going back to songs like this and that’s because there’s very little wrong with them indeed.

Besides, I know a thing or two about mixing a metaphor – maybe that’s where this all went so right. Now to learn what a metaphor actually is.

Ciaran Steward

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