Imaginary People – Summerstock

Screen shot 2015-09-20 at 10.49.58When confronted by a horde of stampeding wildebeest you only have a couple of options: you can try and run or you can hope to god that there are some trees that’ll be easy for you to climb quickly enough to escape the oncoming destruction. Or there’s always the choice of risking it, standing tall and creating a one-man barricade against the rampant creatures. That’s exactly what it feels like New Yorkers Imaginary People have done with this latest corker which sets up a sonic wall that even the largest animal would have trouble breaking through.

WIth a whole host of powerful driving forces on offer – listen around you and hear the raw energy driving the rhythm section and the guitars – the five piece outfit take us back to a time where guitars ruled the world and their passion for their craft is exactly what got so many of us into music in the first place. The distinctive voice of Dylan Von Wagner leading the line is filled with enough character to write a whole Dickens novel and the contrast between the guitar sounds on offer shows that this lot are anything but one-trick ponies.

New York, New York… It’s a hell of a sound.

Ciaran Steward

Give Summerstock a listen right here.

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