Premiere: Common Tongues – Overturning

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.03.04

Having been thoroughly impressed by the live performance of Common Tongues a few months ago I’m glad to confirm that their magnificent on-stage performance is matched by their work in the studio and they make for just as pleasant listening on the stereo as they do in a live setting.

With new beauty ‘Overturning‘ the band once more let their sparkling harmonies roam free while the guitar-work throughout is set to capture your ears and treat them to the aural equivalent of a weekend spa break. Everything works together so well as a unit that you’d think this lot have been playing together since before they could walk. With hints of everything from smooth jazz to hard rock peeking in, this new single is an absolute beauty.

So here’s your first chance to get a glimpse on the accompanying video and it’s a bit more than your standard footage of the band playing live. I’ll leave them to explain what you’re about to see:

The video is made with parts of various documentaries. It is meant as a tribute to many people who fought and died for us to live and not in any way to glorify or exploit their sacrifice. It is a combination of footage from Ken Burn’s supurb series ‘The War’ and ‘Apocalypse’. As a band, we urge you to go and watch these monumental works.


Ciaran Steward

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