Premiere: HOO HAs – Yankee


You just can’t beat a bit of good old fashioned, punk-inspired alternative music. When the guitars start blaring and the vocals scream louder than Jeremy Corbyn at a Stop The War protest you know there’s something special in the works and it sounds as though HOO HAs are on to something as their new sounds are, raw, rough, ready and ruddy good.

There’s no messing about, it’s all a very straight-forward procedure of piling in some powerful guitars and having a bloke shout his way over the top of it but, as you might expect, there’s a hell of a lot more wrapped into these words than just sheer aggression. With only just over two minutes to entertain you, this lot get the job done and the London indie-psych quartet show no sign of doing anything other than sticking to their guns. Why would you want to bother yourself with trying to be too clever when something as pure as this can be quite so effective on the ears? This is pure aural dynamite, set to blow any cobwebs well into next week.

But that’s enough from me, you’re wanting to dig in to this beauty and I don’t blame you. Here it comes…

Ciaran Steward

Yankee‘ is out on 30th October via Lost In The Manor Records – catch HOO HAs live on Tuesday 27th October at The Victoria, London.

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