Natalie McCool – Cardiac Arrest

11401440_973295502715505_7773593253862906349_nThere’s always been a distinct musical DNA in Liverpool, the foundation of which was pop. That DNA still runs deep to the present day with incredibly talented songwriters such as Natalie McCool responsible for keeping it alive. The LIPA graduate is part of a very exciting collection of talent to emanate from the city in recent years, with big things expected.

McCool has a way with words. A way with pop. It’s inner workings so futuristic they’re not even on Apple’s to-do list. Her newbie is no different, a bubbly take on zippy pop, in a way only she can. Its refreshing swerves and glossy production licks make it a well-balanced pop wonder-thon that’s lushly coated in quirky innovation.

So what sets her apart from the rest? Well, it’s quite simple – pure honesty. It’s massively attractive to a listener to sense the artist on the other end of the speaker is pouring their heart out in some passionate shape or form. Although there’s no clear meaning to each of her songs, that ambiguity leaves the door unlocked to your vivid imagination and it’s quite fun to come to your own conclusions now and again.

Her jaunty alt-pop knows no bounds and continues to explore new depths and twist down new paths. It’s a fearless, future-facing pop voyage that just keeps on giving.

Jake Marley

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