Rony Trio – Shadow

RonyTrioEagle copyWhen ‘Mystery‘ graced my ears right at the start of the year I knew there was something very special indeed about Rony Trio – the predominantly acoustic threesome lead by the delightful Rony Berrebi have such an incredibly honest and open style that emotion flows through each and every word as if it were a quill dripping aural ink straight into your ear.

There’s no sense of over-the-top confidence or excessive pride in these sounds, despite the fact that there’s more than enough for them to shout about, and the three men go about their business with minimal fuss. This open approach lets you right into the heart of the sound and, whether you’re indulging in the upbeat beauty of ‘Mystery‘ or dwelling in the heavy-hearted ‘Mythology‘, you’ll undoubtedly notice a swelling of feelings building up inside you that have an instant desire to be let free. All five tracks retain Berrebi’s intriguing character and his genuine nature comes across with each last word. His two wingmen combine to make up a rhythm section that doesn’t miss a single beat by even a fraction of a second – some of the snare-work is truly a delight to listen to and I can’t help but be drawn in by a string of simple yet irresistible basslines.

Settle yourself down and take in all five tracks of Shadow – it might leave you an emotional wreck by the end but you’ll know that you’ve experienced something rather special indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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