Fraser James – Into Stone

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 20.27.39There’s very little time to be had to ourselves in this ever-rushing world but, if you do find yourself with a few precious moments to spare, you might want to spend the time listening to these beautiful sounds from Fraser James as they’ll settle any qualms that may be in your mind and you’ll be left feeling truly refreshed.

With a delicate touch to creating an array of melodies that compliment each other more than a pair of incredible polite gentlemen, a mesh of soothing sound sits behind a voice that never loses any element of cool. It doesn’t feel as though there’s ever a need to get too flash yet if you peek carefully into the guitar riffs you’ll spot that there are all kinds of magical melodies flickering away like unreliable lightbulbs. The freeing feeling that’s sure to rid your body of anything not made of the purest aural delights makes for an unmissable experience that’s sure to leave you with a grin plastered across your face as though some cheeky sod had been tickling away at your feet with a feather duster.

Sometimes the softest approach can be the most effective, it’s not all about the smash and grab.

Ciaran Steward

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