Pixx – Fall In

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 08.53.20Hannah Rodgers, aka Pixx, is a 19-year-old gradually coming out of her musical shell. She released her debut EP Fall In back in August and is set to play for DIY Presents at Liverpool Music Week alongside some of the hottest young artists around.

She glows with velvety warm vocals likely to make many peers twice her age glance over enviously. Her style then, essentially it’s expansive dream-pop with electronic fuses, it’s not a lot more than that, nor does it need to be. It’s beautiful and extremely pleasant as it is. As the autumnal feels begin to close in, Ms Rodgers’ vocal display screams cuddling up by the fire and letting the world drift by.

Dreamy, very dreamy.

Fall In as an EP is glossy, smooth pop straight from the clouds. It’s not trying to be anything its not, as a record it knows its boundaries and sits tightly and contently within them. Silky vocal delivery is met with sparse beats, often of the chilled variety and distant grumbling bass. The title track is tremendously fuzzy and proves Pixx possesses delicate craft as both a creative force and lyricist as well as a vocal honesty that simply can’t be faked.

Still only a teen, she excites me insanely. There’s a thrilling future ahead, I can sense it even now. The sheer fact I can say with such assurance, off such little evidence, that she will grow into an amazing talent should tell you all you need to know.

Jake Marley

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