Eliza Shaddad – Wars

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 17.39.34With an opening that sounds like it could well have been an off-cut from Rumours, this latest treat from the seemingly limitlessly talented Eliza Shaddad is something that very much needs to be shouted about as loudly and as frequently as possible.

Quasi-psychedelic edge in tow, this beauty has a definite end-point in mind as it powers on through – the beat that runs through the centre of the song is surrounded by all kinds of glorious elements of sonic mastery that by the time it all comes to a close you won’t quite know which way is up. Lead by a vocal that feels so bitter-sweet that you could wrap a chicken breast in it and make a delicious meal, the urgency flows through every last part of this stroke of genius as your mind is over-taken by all kind of questions about exactly how everything in this world fits into place. But there’s no time for that here, this is all about making sure your ears are gifted something that they’ll treasure for the rest of their days because it is so perfectly crafted it must be savoured and cared for for endless generations.

Oh you are just going to love this so much.

Ciaran Steward

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