Findlay – Junkfood

junkStop whatever it is you’re doing – whether it be stuffing your face with fatty goodness, staring endlessly into your electronic device in the hope that someone will give you attention or whatever you kids seem to be distracting yourselves with nowadays – and get your head right into the world of Findlay because this is about as ‘on it’ (whatever that means…) as the sounds you’re going to hear today could ever be.

With shades of ‘Funkytown‘ being dwarfed by the cutting nature of the lyrics, this is one slice of pop that’s going to do much more to your head than just leave you sat behind with a catchy tune to whistle. There’s been so much talk about artists not tackling the real issues in recent years so this is a ruddy wake-up call to say that some people out there are much more than just a beautiful figure behind a microphone. Any Brit with even half an eye on the news will remember the beach body campaign that this ace videos takes off and the whole point of the song is so ruddy on point that you should be spending another second reading this nonsense, you should be getting that video right up on the full screen.

I mean it, GO NOW!!!

Ciaran Steward

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