Shiners – Pressure

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.01.13Right then, who fancies some smashing guitars to open your eyes and ears right up? Shiners are on hand to bring you a bout of ’90s inspired indie sounds that are sure to make you about as alert as you would be if you’d just accidentally drank a pint of coffee after a bit of a misunderstanding following a friend’s surprise party.

Moving swiftly on…

There don’t seem to be quite so many young bands out there any more that are sticking to some of the basic indie-rock formulas yet when one of them is able to conjure up such an enticing compound as this lot have then it can drag you right back to being a rowdy teen with a desire for music to be flying at you hard and fast. This doesn’t sound like the most polished record in the world and that’s just the way it should be – the shouty vocal style adds the ideal accompaniment to the rag tag guitars and DIY-as-you-like disco beating drums and bass. There’s nothing hidden away by this lot and they’re clearly wearing their hearts so firmly on their sleeves that they’d probably be better off wearing sleeveless T-shirts, otherwise they’ll probably have a fair bit of washing to do.

Get. Right. In.

Ciaran Steward

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