Tweaks – Sisters

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.13.37Formerly known as Pin TweaksTweaks haven given their name a little… Well, you know… Anyway, the vibe they have now is rather different indeed and with their debut single under this slightly edited moniker they’ve set out a brand new game plan that’s sure to see them prosper.

As the air fills with an atmosphere that feels about as foggy as London has been for the past few days, there’s a real sense of mystery and intrigue as the pair keep their cards well and truly close to their chests. Barely giving away an inch of emotion, the dour approach to the vocals pulls on parts of your body that are aching for more information and explanation yet Aman SIngh and Johnny Drain aren’t willing to even give you a sniff. Though there may be a spot on monotony used to draw you in, there’s no way you’re getting through this song with some kind of emotion bubbling to the surface. Whether you’re becoming invested in the words or if the perfectly constructed soundscape is bringing a tear to your eye you won’t be able to resist getting attached to these stunningly sparse sounds.

Sometimes you don’t need to try and be too clever, you just need a raw passion for the music you’re making.

Ciaran Steward

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