Pin Tweaks – Girl On The Wire

pintEvery now and again you’ll hear a track, whether it’s at home, work or while you’re out and about, and it’ll be stuck in your head for weeks to come while you’re sitting there none-the-wiser about who the artist is or any other minuscule facet of further information. That happened to me with this exquisite beauty from Pin Tweaks – they sent it over at the end of July (before my semi-blackout) and whether I’ve been at home, in Scotland, in Italy or on a rickety old replacement bus, the refrain of “I’ll wait for you” has been playing tricks on me and getting trapped in the furthest reaches of my skull.

There hasn’t even been a hint of regret for this strange sensation, I could let the song happily reside there for the rest of my days without so much as a care as it is refreshingly delectable. The lo-fi feel mixed with a haunting vocal is about as enticing as the recently leaked Jennifer Lawrence photos. Perhaps my hormones have built up a strange connection between the two…

It’s so easy to sit back and enjoy this aural beauty, I’ve not been able to spot a single thing wrong with the track and I’m sure you’ll be enraptured too. The band immediately set the tone with a sparse texture and spacious atmosphere, drawing the listener in with each beat – I’d happily wait for days on end to hear this track again.

I might be a little obsessed but at least I’m not stuck waiting up at 4 in the morning. Now that would be a nightmare…

Ciaran Steward

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