Handful #9: Blang Records

Handfuls makes a welcome return to the pages of WCT as some love is given to the excellent Blang Records as they line-up celebrations for the 10th anniversary. To get into the party spirit, they’ve put together a compilation ‘Lucky Dip‘ album filled with some of their favourite from the last decade.

Tim Britton, Blang’s Social Media and Online Manager, picks his 5 favourite tracks from the compilation and tells us why he loves them so much;

Thomas Truax – March Winds

Eccentric, mad, innovative, original, only you can decide but someone you have to see once in your life. Known for his collection of home-made instruments with ‘The Hornicator’ predominant. Released his 8th studio album Jetstream Sunset this year.

Emily Capell – Who Killed Smiley Culture

Big fan of Joe Strummer and QPR, often reflected in her music. “Her songs tell stories of celebrity lust, musical influences, and general adolescence.” Performs solo or backed by the ‘Three Pete Suite’ a trio of experienced musicians who support her retro folk/rock/ska/sound.

Sheepy – Ket Party

Brilliant trio from Liverpool with a powerful live show. Got a great reaction for their last release EP Wild. “Lo-fi, powerpop and post-punk with a massive pop heart beating at the centre.” (Sounds XP)

Milk Kan – Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Tunes

Only came across Milk Kan recently. Came to attention in 2007 after signing to Blang Records gaining ‘single of the week’ with Steve Lamacq for a collaboration with Dolly Parton. The following year ‘God with an Ipod’ reached No. 10 in the UK Independent Charts.

He has been quiet in music recently during a period concentrating on his writing and a short play of his ‘Learning to Fly’ has just been in production alongside 5 other shorts at The Bread and Roses Theatre, Camden.

He will be back with a long anticipated new single scheduled for release on 6 December. As an added bonus this single features Emily Capell. More on this later.

Sergeant Buzfuz – Truth and Lies

Taken from 6th studio album Balloons for Thin Linda. Fair to say Sergeant Buzfuz aka Joe Murphy grows on you and it is well worth taking time to listen.

The album is out on Blang Records on 6 November and can be purchased right now as a download from iTunes.

Physical copies are available for free with any purchase from the Blang website but the physical copy on its own is not available on site at the moment.

(NB To make a purchase on the blang.co.uk website – select from Music page, click [+] to add to basket and check out.)

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