AFFAIRS – Brothers

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.24.13Having fortunately stumbled across AFFAIRS when heading out to see Van Susans earlier this year, they’ve left a lingering memory in my mind – much more than just that their singer has one of the most memorable on-stage presences of anyone I’ve ever seen. This lot know how to make music that’ll have you flailing your arms like you’ve lost all control.

Brothers‘ is definitely the pick of the bunch – with a chorus that’ll get stuck in your head as if it were sand in your pants after a day at the beach and a general aura that has enough energy to light a thousand rooms. The guitar and keyboard parts flitter away with such wonderful intent as the pounding rhythm section provides a solid platform for the whole thing. Yet there’s no escaping that the real star his has a microphone firmly in his hands and, with all the swagger and style of Edwyn Collins, the direct link between that stunning low voice and your ears is made within an instant and will stick with you long after the song has faded away.

Go on, just have one cheeky little go at AFFAIRS – I promise I won’t tell…

Ciaran Steward

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