Cloves – Everybody’s Son

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 09.42.47Recently I was lucky enough to stumble across 19-year-old Aussie lyrical sensation Cloves when out covering DIY Presents at Liverpool Music Week and her swooning vocal essence has had a lasting effect on me. An effect to the point I now find her glued to my musical mind which is largely down to her recent premiere ‘Everybody’s Son‘.

In a time where complex artistry is raved about like a new-born, it’s important to remember the captivating charm of simplicity. That’s where Cloves excels – her intimately stripped-back vocal sits contently alongside minimal acoustic chords, never becoming a weight upon your shoulders, opting instead to rest it’s head softly against you with subtle, swaying rhythm. Her strikingly sweet vocal honey is allowed to steer the path of the songs she sings due to the spacious, laid-back musical arrangements that encompass them.

Best showcased in the aforementioned ‘Everybody’s Son‘, a track that shines bright with emotion and soulful pulses that hit you in all the right places, leaving you purring with a fuzzy, warm glow in your bloodstream.

It’s for that reason that I implore everybody’s son, daughter, mother, father, grandparents, even cat and dog to listen to Cloves. Just do it, thank me later.

Jake Marley

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