Dolores Haze – Touch Me

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 09.48.36Stop whatever it is that you’re doing, grab your dancing shoes and pour yourself a stiff one – you’re going to enjoy this. There’s something in the water over in Sweden that makes them sit in harmony with the pop genre, in particular the female corner. Sweden’s pop music past boasts names such as Icona Pop, Robyn and Tove Lo (and ABBA! – Ed.). Some list. Now, however, there’s a new name to add to that illustrious list and it’s a rather unlikely one.

Dolores Haze. A band I originally fell in love with last year as a gritty pop-punk outfit. They’ve not left punk in the past, the majority of their debut album out next week is still firmly coated in punk dirt, however, it’s their floor-filling pop pulses that currently have me most intrigued. They’ve recently had me hooked with their interesting, yet crazily brave decision to head-up first full-length record The Haze Is Forever, with a track more likely to infect Radio 1’s airwaves than that of 6Music. The reason it’s crazy being the small fact their entire debut EP was alternative/post-punk at it’s gritty, grungy best, very little, if any pop in sight.

However, the elephant in the room, titled ‘Touch Me‘, blows away any doubt that these girls need handing white coats almost immediately. An instant groover, led by dark synths throbbing at every given moment alongside breathy, melancholic vocals. A real winner. No-one, not even the Morrissey’s of the world, can resist the urge to at least bob an eyelash to the beat of this majestic slice of pop Battenburg.

It’s curve-balls like this that keep you on your toes, who doesn’t love music for its twists and turns. After all it’d be a bit shit without them.

Jake Marley

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