CHAPPO – Hang On

chappoWhen we’re confronted with something a tad out of the ordinary in life we have the choice of whether we ignore it, discourage it or do the honourable thing of embracing something for being so gloriously unique. As you may have guessed, the latter is how I feel towards these sounds from CHAPPO – albeit they might not be the most unique thing ever, they do deserve plenty of love and adoration.

As it flitters between a pop song, a dance anthem and some kind of indie behemoth, the sounds around you provide an ever-changing aural landscape that’s sure to keep your interest piqued as across this five minute span they head in all kinds of unexpected directions and still still result in an end product which feels like a truly complete package. With frills provided in the form of intricate guitar riffs, the heart of the song comes from the pounding, resilient rhythm section which holds all the jangling pieces together, keeping everything that hits your ears acting as a coherent whole and keeps your head right in the centre of the track from start to finish.

You’re unlikely to know exactly what’s going on all the way through this one but frankly you shouldn’t care, just enjoy the journey.

Ciaran Steward

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