The Wild Wild – Sing

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 20.48.55Sit yourself down and delve into a world of synths as The Wild Wild gets all electronic up in your face, shoving his infectious brand of indie pop down your throat in such a pleasing fashion that a worried look may start to appear across your face.

Benjamin Dunn is the man at the helm here, piecing together all kinds of sounds in the construction of a song that has plenty of pop hallmarks yet feels like there’s something a little more interesting bubbling away just under the surface. Sure, the synth melody lines aren’t the most ground-breaking of things yet the genius here is in the way that everything is pieced together – it feels just like Mr Dunn has been sat piecing together an aural jigsaw in his mind and, having found the corner pieces then the edges before filling in the middle of course, has ended up with something that truly is the complete package. Some of those folks from the other side of the pond seem to have their heads screwed on just right and this fella has a real knack for making music that’s sure to get plenty of people up and dancing.

Sure, it’s a pretty mainstream pop sound but we all need to indulge ourselves in something a little easier to comprehend every once in a while. This does the job rather nicely indeed.

Ciaran Steward

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