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Premiere: Amber Leaves – Wouldn’t Wanna Be Alone

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 13.42.43The excellent Amber Leaves return to our collective ears with their charming brand of off-kilter indie which sees them prey upon the minds of listeners in a manner so hypnotic you’d have sworn you just heard a faint clucking.

With a sound made up of all kinds of sparkling jazzy influences, the finished production on this latest occasion sees them get smoother than Mick Jagger on a first date and there’s a warmth to it all that has a distinctly lounge feeling – this might just be the time to crack out the old smoking jacket and cigars. But where the song really comes into its own is that there’s a willingness to try something new a couple of minutes in, namely a hefty slice of funk that’ll give you that much needed opportunity to let your body loose. You’d think that you might have heard all the possible ventures for a three minute track by now yet the way that this lovely trio of gentlemen go about their business brings faith in the fact there’s plenty more cracking music out there to be made.

This ought to do you for starters though, it’s as peachy as they come.

Ciaran Steward

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