Gabriella Cohen – Sever The Walls

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 09.33.39Australia has enjoyed a breakthrough year in music during 2015 with several singer-songwriters and bands breaking through, to my notice. The most recent of which is the extremely promising Gabriella Cohen.

Cohen has so far released two singles during her solo project, the latest one being ‘Sever The Walls‘, a relentless track with jangly points and low-key aesthetics. The track will be a part of her self-produced, ten track debut solo record Full Closure, No Details due out in early 2016.

There’s a ’70s-esque American feel to her music, mainly down to her dreamily nostalgic vocal essence meandering over her tight guitar lines and chiller track arrangements. Throughout her songs musical influences from the ’60s & ’70s are clear and only add to the heavily nostalgic listening experience her easy on the ears vocal already brings.

She’s certainly cemented her place as a promising songwriter with diversifying nods to eccentric pop and lush blues-rock culminating in an infectiously honest lyricism that is only narrowly touched on in her two releases so far.

It’s extremely exciting to see the progression Cohen has made both as a musician and a songwriter meaning the impending release of her self-produced debut record is highly intriguing.

Jake Marley

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