Chaika – The Quietness

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.39.55Before you even start reading this nonsense hit the play button below and prepare yourself for seven minutes of psych-infused joy that’ll have the hairs on your hobbitty little feet standing on end. These latest sounds from Chaika are utterly sublime and deserve your full attention.

If you like getting lost in a song as if it were a good book then this is exactly the sort of thing for you. The vocals dip their way back into the mix so that everything can be heard in equal capacity and you can hear a selection of exquisite basslines coming through clear as day. They sit alongside some masterful guitar play whit is exactly the sort of thing you need to take your mind out about the city skyscape after a long, hectic day. And, just as you think you’re in control, there’s a big slow down and it feels as though you’re being treated to an aural two-for-one. Don’t complain, this is a ruddy bargain and you should probably pop this in your basket a few times before it gets snapped up by pesky students angling for leftovers for a psychedelic casserole.

Who needs reality when you can get taken away to another plane like this? Strap yourself in and prepare for the concept of time to simply become a thing of the past. Oh, and mind that last minute or so – it gets WONDERRRRRFUUUUULLLLLLYYYYYYYY BBBBIIIIZZZZZZAAAARRRRREEEEEEE.

Ciaran Steward

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