Plaza – Totem

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.50.02What can you realistically do in two minutes? It’s not even enough time to boil an egg, to eat a bacon sandwich or to have an intimate intermingling with someone special. Alright, I can probably do two out of those three in under two minutes BUT I think you’d much rather I tell you why your time should be spent listening to Plaza‘s new belter instead.

By cranking up an atmosphere in the first few seconds and then unleashing some off-kilter indie-pop and hitting a darling chorus with just over 30 seconds on the clock is no mean feat. Though the guitar relationships aren’t anything too ground-breaking that doesn’t mean that they’re not the sort of aural pleasure that you’d be happy to receive at any time of day – or night really, I’ve woken up to much more terrifying sounds than a batch of sonic goodness this tightly assembled. It won’t take you half of the time this track sprints on for for you to realise what it’s all about and, if this sort of thing is generally your cup of tea, this is very much an Earl Grey.

Why drag it on if you’re able to create something so undeniably special in such a short time as this? It might as well be wrapped up with a neat little bow.

Ciaran Steward

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