Thoughts – Tuck

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 18.49.46Step yourself back a couple of decades to when the ’90s style wasn’t just coming back, it was getting ready to explode for the first time. With Britpop in the air and a few not-entirely-legal substances SHOCKINGLY being taken by people in the music industry it was a heady time for anyone involved in this finest of arts and it seems as though Thoughts have had a go at channeling some of that infectious vibe.

Using sparse textures to keep your ears listening intently this group of would-be time travellers have an air of certainty about them in that they have a far more considered approach than most guitar led bands – everything happens for a reason that has been planned meticulously down to the last details. Particular highlights include the bursting into life of the guitar solo which will have your eyes rolling back in your head and the incredibly measured vocal delivery which never seems to get caught up by the fact it’s as ruddy on-point as you could ever want.

There’s no need to rush a thing – keep yourself calm and sink yourself slowly into this jangly beaut as if it were a three foot deep bubble bath. You know, one with the fancy smelly stuff in it. Lovely.

Ciaran Steward

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