Eliza Shaddad – Run

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 07.05.27Eliza Shaddad has such a beautifully charming voice that she’ll make you feel as though there’s a glowing sensation of faith burning away once more in your very core. She’s able to pour more drops of inspiration into five minutes of music than most waterfalls thunder down in a century.

With a certain subtlety to the way the music builds the voice remains the definite centre of attention as each word feels so full of meaning and intent. As you plod along wishing you could write something as stunning as this you’ll find yourself becoming engulfed by all sorts of aural peaks and troughs, the volume and intensity never quite allow you to settle and – if you’re one of those soppy movie fans – you might find yourself being forced to wipe away something that’s inconveniently got into your eye while you were distracted.

There’s no need to run really, just take it slow and let Eliza Shaddad show you just how worryingly talented she is – that’ll start your day off right.

Ciaran Steward

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