SKATERS – The Loner

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 18.55.59As raw and rough as a bunch of teenagers getting together to thrash out punk of cheap guitars in a murky garage but with no angry neighbours coming round and threatening you with pitchforks, SKATERS capture that energy and drive that so many of us lose after a few years with the power of strings at our fingertips.

What any plucky teen in a garage doesn’t have though is the ability to build on these humble beginnings into a raging party that’ll be quaking the walls of any house within a matter of seconds. That irresistible punk spirit blossoms into a full-frontal assault on your ears that packs in more ferocity than Mike Tyson after snorting a pile of cocaine as big as a life-sized tiger. Not that he’s ever done that, of course. Where many punk-inspired outfits may continue with all guns blazing from start to finish this bunch show a certain deftness and maturity by managing to restrain themselves once or twice – meaning that the next big hit comes at you harder than Mike Ty… Oh, hang on, I’ve done that one.

Still, prepare to indulge in something that’ll have any carnal instincts within you bursting through to the surface as powerfully as Mi… Christ, it really has been a while since I’ve written any of this nonsense – luckily this lot aren’t as rusty as I am.

Ciaran Steward

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