Secret Company – Midnight Rush

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 18.59.59Imagine you’re trapped in a room with just a single chair and a solitary lightbulb, not even a lampshade for furnishing. All of a sudden begins a rumbling in the distance. As it grows and feels as though it is coming ever closer you curl yourself up into the foetal position in the corner furthest from the door waiting the inevitable horror to burst through the door…

Fortunately it all sounds like it’s a bit of a false dawn and in fact what you’re confronted with is Secret Company and a surprisingly delicate track that leaves you wrong-footed after an intense opening. That’s not to say the pressure level ever truly drops – and the low-end here is a joy to behold – but there’s far more melody than you might expect int he opening thrusts. With an anthemic quality about it that takes your emotions and rips them into shreds this beauty doesn’t dream of letting up and – whether your see it as a tearjerking belter or sounds that will really get your pulse racing – it’ll surely provoke one hell of a response from your core.

There’s nothing to be afraid of – you should just be leaving this one feeling utterly intrigued and bewildered by what has just visited your ears. They’ll shut the door on the way out so you can have a nice little seat and take some time to think about what just happened. You might need a few minutes.

Ciaran Steward

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