Chain Wallet – Muted Colours

Synne Sofi Bønes (Liggende)Alright Norway, what’s cookin’? Oh, you’ve just got a load of brand spanking new dreamy-pop shenanigans going on? Lovely stuff. Pierce the filters of your ears with this fresh beauty from Chain Wallet as they give you the perfect soundtrack for a sunny summer afternoon.

These are the sort of sounds that’ll let you imagine all kinds of A-Ha style videos through a kaleidoscopic lens if you lean back and close your eyes. Don’t let too much blood go to your head though – I’m not a doctor but I’ve heard that’s not great for you. Here we have a truly chilled out gem which will help your muscles feel like jelly so that you can throw yourself around on the dance floor as if you were indestructible, like one of those super-cool bouncy balls. This tune does seem to step straight out of the past and into whatever scene it is the trendy folk are indulging in at the moment – that synth is sure to get you biting your lip.

You’ve been working hard lately so for once let someone else take the slack and have these lads provide you with that welcome break you so desperately crave. Go on, I’ll put the kettle on.

Ciaran Steward

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