PREMIERE: Sophie Sutton – Good Friends

13170055_10154227146789337_282532598_oThe sun seems to have reared it’s fiery head once more and the summer time is here which can only mean one thing – listening to upbeat pop with ukuleles is bordering on being acceptable again. If you are so inclined to tune in to something light and breezy to tap your toes to on the approaching summer eves then I suggest falling deeply in love with the unfairly talented Sophie Sutton and her latest EP A Mistaken Love.

After seeing Sutton perform live a year or so back I discovered just how impressive one woman and an acoustic guitar can be. It’s easy to be sceptical about that sort of delivery as there are only a limited selection of possibilities realistically available – unless said woman happens to have Rodrigo y Gabriela type skills – yet this Devon songstress has a captivating allure about her that will draw you back in time and time again.

Her newest foursome of tunes showcase her seemingly limitless vocal talents as her voice flips seamlessly between some of the purest notes you’ll ever hear to perfectly judged takes on those wobbly bits that posters seem to be unable to resist. For such a young person there’s a real sense of maturity to the words on offer, as floating and fleeting as the tunes may initially sound. Having spent a lazy summer afternoon sat listening to Sutton spin yarns about her life and her inspiration it’s clear that she’s the genuine article and – with this latest outing – she shows the ability to step up from that far-too-easy girl next door stereotype into a songwriter with a thorough understanding of her art.

There’s no denying that Sophie Sutton‘s style isn’t for everyone, not least any of you that regularly check this during the months of breaks I have, but she does what she does incredibly well and she’s certainly one to keep an eye on in the future. This is someone who deserves to be on the biggest stages bringing smiles to the masses. Hopefully there’s no stopping her from achieving her dreams – it would be ruddy nice if one of the good ones made it, wouldn’t it?

Ciaran Steward

Sophie Sutton’s new EP A Mistaken Love is out on 6th June – pre-order your copy here.

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