Artbreak – Rosebud

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.54.45Cole Salewicz’s phenomenal and distinctive voice leads the line in new South London outfit Artbreak as they bring a level of energy to your ears that’s usually reserved for those occasions when you hit the town hard with someone you haven’t seen in years.

The devil-may-care attitude of this lot is established right from the off as they build into a free-flowing artistic slice of beauty with a bouncier bass than any castle I’ve ever seen. With Kayleigh Cheer – one of London’s very best drummers – sat behind the kit you know you’re in safe hands and there are plenty of cracking fills and lip-bitingly good hi-hat play to indulge in. Guitars aplenty fill the air and leave oh so little to the imagination – this is much more of a completed masterpiece than painting by numbers.

I’m a headless body in a topless bar‘ is my personal favourite lyric as Salewicz shows that he’s inherited the gift of the gab and has the ability to paint aural pictures that most wordsmiths would snap their quills for.

Jumping the shark this is not and, for all you indie pop kids out there, this is a bandwagon you should be jumping on before it races away down the autobahn.

Lovely stuff.

Ciaran Steward

Oh look, sweet visuals too…

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