AFFAIRS – Runaway

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 13.50.53I first ran into AFFAIRS in some sleazy bar in Camden. Alright, it wasn’t that sleazy but I’m sure my shoes weren’t black when I went in. Straggling memories of an immersive frontman performance still remain and on clearing out my archives I stumbled back across their latest EP Stained Gold and remembered what it was that got me hooked on them.

Runaway‘ is my personal favourite as it shows off the Morrissey-esque vocals while giving you far more than your fair share of synths goodness to chew on. With a range of dry, intelligent lyrics leading the line and transitions between verses and choruses that are about as telegraphed as any of the England midfield’s passes (IT’S STILL SORE, OK???) there aren’t too many surprises on offer. Yet there don’t need to be as this is the sort of thing you can slip into as if it were a giant bowl of soup – watch out for the croutons mind, they could do you some real damage.

With all kind of tender touches shining through and lighting up your day there’s no doubting that this bunch have got a real knack for songwriting. Keep your eyes peeled, there’s sure to be much more still to come.

Ciaran Steward

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