Heavy Heart – High Dive

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 14.08.08

Heavy Heart are spreading out the aural love as they release a single a month – much more consumable in this modern GIMMEGIMMEGIMME world than throwing a double album or whatever at the wall and hoping that something sticks or you’ll have to go back to your day job at Hobbycraft.

Their latest outing sees them take a big ol’ leap into the unknown as glittering delight ‘High Dive‘ gets your mind jetting off around the globe in a kind of un-terrifying freefall. You know you’re in safe hands as the voice of what might as well be your guardian angel takes the range, leaving you to gaze aimlessly at your shoes in the hope that they might be more than a standard pair of loafers – at least that means they can be untied, I guess. Keep an ear out for some of the truly delectable guitar-work on offer as you find yourself falling truly, rapidly, deeply in love with these cool cats and wishing that you could see them, be them, or even just go out and get blind drunk with them.

Don’t forget to check in online for your monthly dose of something new – each time it will be just like taking a funny little pill that’ll make you feel really good inside. This isn’t peer pressure, this is just telling you to do the right thing. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

Ciaran Steward

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