Scarlett Saunders – Windmill

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 10.01.00Head out into the fields and feel a fresh breeze blowing through your hair. The worries and stresses of the modern world can be left far behind once you get out of the city’s foul clutches and everything seems much simpler when you find yourself chilling in the shade of a windmill. That’s the kind of shimmering sunscape this beauty from Scarlett Saunders brings to mind.

There’s no sense of rush or panic and the advice not to stop loving is what most of us could do with hearing an awful lot more. As the arpeggiated guitar guides you through the flowers as if you were floating through them in slow motion everything harks back to a simpler time. What’s more, you’re being led on this anti-frantic journey by a songstress with a voice so bewitching you’d happily hand over your pin number just to have it tell you another tall tale. With hints of Eva Cassidy flowing through the music and a delectable hint of blues influence not-very-well hidden away within the words you’re lulled into a warming sense of security before being taken off into a trip dream as everything turns into grainy, black and white film footage and you become trapped in a world that feels universes away from our own.

Don’t rush, just stick your headphones on for a bit and let Scarlett Saunders teach you how to live again.

Ciaran Steward

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